Do I need to update my nameservers?

When you sign up for hosting, the next step is to update your DNS or nameservers to point your domain to our servers.  This process means that other computers on the internet will know which hosting provider (us!) to go to, in order to access your site.  

Exception: This is not required if you purchased or transferred your domain to us, in addition to your hosting.

To complete this step, you will need to log in to your existing domain providers web portal, and update the nameservers to our default servers.

The nameservers are included in the welcome email you received from us upon signup, please refer to this for your exact nameservers.  However, the default nameservers that will work for all customers are as follows:

Name Server IP (IPv4):
Name Server IP (IPv6): 2402:1f00:8101:20::

Name Server IP (IPv4):
Name Server IP (IPv6): 2404:9400:3:0:216:3eff:fee1:7927


Common questions:

Q)  How do I find out who my domain is registered with?
A) Please check any emails you may have received from former domain registrars or if you are not sure, use this tool to find out:

Q) I know my registrar, how do I update my nameservers?
A) Please check the support or how-to guides for that particular registrar.  Their website should provide guidance on that process.  If unsure, please contact the registrar in question.    We also have some articles in our knowledgebase with instructions for specific registrars.

Q) How long does it take to update nameservers?
A) Usually the process of updating occurs instantaneously, however, please allow 24 hours for the changes to propegate through the internet, before you start seeing your hosting point to our servers.  We cannot speed up this process.




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